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Dive Into the New Age of Cultural Heritage 

Our Services

UAV LiDAR scanning, Thermal and Multispectral imaging and Photogrammetry

IARC has a wealth of experience using LiDAR and other remote-sensing techniques such as Thermal and Multispectral imaging to carry out landscape assessments for different requests. Our experts gained experience working on a range of infrastructure and research projects. Using LiDAR we can generate data regarding archaeological potential, environmental landscape analyses and geological research. We can easily evaluate places where it is not feasible to deploy terrestrial topographic or geophysical surveyors.   

LiDAR survey
LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) survey is an excellent way of capturing surface data over landscapes. Transmitting and receiving lasers from our LiDAR drone enables us to map the ground surface accurately with mm accuracy. This can be used for the detection of previously unrecorded archaeological sites, determining the full extent of known sites and monitoring the condition of monuments. LiDAR penetrates past vegetation cover to record the ground surface. This makes it invaluable for surveying densely wooded areas, where other techniques would either be unusable, excessively expensive or time-consuming.


UAV photogrammetry

UAV photogrammetry services can be used to deliver various forms of data output including Digital Terrain Models and 3D visualisations. We also offer photogrammetry as a fast and cost-effective method to collect aerial imagery and for accurate mapping and site verification. Photogrammetry transforms 2D images into 3D models, allowing a 3D view of topography and features. This can help our customers interpret a surveyed area more in-depth with our guidance. With our fully licensed and experienced drone pilot, IARC conducts surveys accurately and rapidly.

3D Visualization and presentation

Presentation of the collected data by using 3D visualisation will further enhance the results of LiDAR surveying. The outcome will be easily understandable and visually inspiring information We can also work at very small scales, from individual museum objects to small buildings/structures. We provide 3D digital services to document and preserve historic places, museum collections, and archaeological and historical landscapes. Digitization is only the first step of a long series of data acquisition processes. Data processing is followed by the use of virtual visualisation technology that provides exciting and engaging visuals for presentations. This includes augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) applications suited to hypothetical spatiotemporal 4D reconstructions simulations. We make virtual presentations understandable and accessible to everyone.

Consulting Service and Desk Analysis

Desk based analysis and consulting services for all type of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology projects.

Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation for Cultural Heritage and Archaeology projects.

GIS & Data

GIS Analysis and Service for all types of projects.

We Integrate With Your Projects

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